Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 Lowell Quilt Festival

We had another fabulous exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Festival this year. A huge thank you to our Show Chair Andrea and everyone who volunteered their time and energy to make this show the success that it was!!!  We truly cannot do a show of this magnitude without your help.

We had 51 amazing quilts on display, including several from our Madrona Road challenge, some of the completed Quilts for Boston quilts, and an incredible 12 entries for the Red Nails challenge

Appleton Mills really is the perfect backdrop to showcase our modern quilts.  I love the exposed beams and skylights!  There's something special about seeing a collection of quilts hanging together. 

And I love that we are the kind of show that let's you touch the quilts;-)  People were truly fascinated not just by the bold, graphic designs but the intricate quilting that adds another layer of texture to these stunning quilts.  Many people also mentioned to me how much they loved being able to just soak up the details of the quilt.  Something to remember during our usual show and tell, don't be so quick to put your quilts away.  People really want to see them!  

You can see all the quilts in our Flickr group but the photos really don't do them justice.  Several of our members have also done blog posts about the show.  Definitely worth reading for those who just can't get enough;-)

My Quilting Journey by Hemamalini
Laurie on Dresden Lane

2013 LQF Mosaic

1. Cracking Up, 2. On the Plus Side, 3. Sister Love, 4. Flea Frenzy, 5. PB-Complete, 6. Single Girl, 7. Dots and Ties, 8. Sandy's Star, 9. February Heart, 10. Stack of Books, 11. Little Bookworms, 12. Modern Pods, 13. For Beatrice Grace, 14. Curry Strings, 15. Madrona Road Challenges, 16. Blind Co-pilot, 17. Modern Hexagon, 18. Double Hex, 19. Stars Falling Over Texas, 20. Precious Why?, 21. Shades of Blue, 22. Sawtooth Star Variation, 23. Dancing in September, 24. Strings & Things, 25. Orange You Glad You Married Me, 26. Sea Adventure, 27. Star of the Sea, 28. Circle Peeps, 29. Tumbling Blocks, 30. Fugitive Memories, 31. Metro Hoops, 32. It Bugs Me!

Red Nails Challenge Quilts

1. Falling Petals, 2. Tree, 3. Shades of Grey, 4. Red Nails, 5. By Samantha Russell, 6. Run Janny Run, 7. On the Point, 8. Glam Rock Girl, 9. Winter is Coming, 10. By Jane Fitzpatrick, 11. Sticks and Stones, 12. Variation

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  1. I will own it, that's my husband touching Hema's quilt, but he just couldn't believe the stitching! Thanks volunteer ladies, for making the BMQG portion of the festival happen - I've seen most of those quilts at meetings, but it's not as satisfying as seeing them all up close and in person and for as long as I wanted. I feel lucky to be a part of this group!