Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January's Meeting - What to Expect

Happy 2017 everyone! I can't believe it's already a new year and we're ready to jump into a new, fun-filled year of more guild fun.

Below is what we have planned for our January meeting. It sounds jam packed, but some of this will go quick. We've also posted a tentative schedule for the full year on the blog, so hop on over to the 2017 Schedule tab to see what we have planned.

January Meeting:
January 21, 2017 from 1-3pm
Where: Fabric Place Basement Back Room (There's a warehouse looking room next to the yarn where we meet. If you can't find the room, just ask a staff member of FPB)

Block Lottery Kickoff – We have examples of all of the blocks for the year. Don't know what a block lottery is? Check out the tab on our blog with all of the blocks for the year for a preview and a description. We will also talk about this at the meeting.

Mini Quilt Challenge Kickoff – We’ll briefly talk about the mini quilt challenge that we’ll showcase at the show in April. This could be a great project to work on at retreat for those attending.

Favorite Notion Show and Tell – Did you get a fun new notion for the holidays? Bring it and tell us all about it. Have a favorite oldie but goodie? Bring that too and show us. We especially love seeing your favorite notion that may not be found in a quilt/craft store that you just couldn’t live without.

UFO Block/Quilt Swap – Do you have unfinished quilt blocks or tops just lying around that you don’t think you’ll ever do anything with? Bring them to our meeting and we’ll swap. One person’s forever-unfinished project is another person’s new, exciting project. Any quilt blocks/tops that are not claimed by someone else can be donated to the quilt museum if you don’t want to take them back.

Show and Tell – Did you finish any great quilts or sewing projects over the holiday break? Bring them in and show off your amazing talent.