Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First 2012-13 BMQG Meeting

It has begun. The 2012-2012 BMQG year. With it came the first meeting this past week-end. And what better way to start off a quilting guild year than to visit a longarm store! Our good friend Laurena of Laurena's Longarm Quiltingwelcomed us with open arms into her work studio. For those of you who don't know about her, she sets up shop in Burlington (MA). She's got 4 longarms and she offers 2 services: you can either send quilts to be quilter by her, or you can use the longarms yourself if you take her class first.

We spent a good part of the meeting learning more about Laurena's experience and how she got her business started up. It was so great to hear the background story of a business-starter in the quilting world. We also had a good chat about quilting and the difference between modern and traditional quilting. And then, we got to try our hand at free-motion longarm quilting (yippee!!!!!!!) It was a lot of fun. thank you, Laurena!

Result of our collaborative free-motioning!!!

Of course, no meeting would be complete without show and tell. (Please forgive the bad photography. My camera died and I had t use my phone...)

Laurie showed her baby quilts (boy and girl, to cover all bases!)

Alice brought a ruffle quilt.

Lia is working on a blanket for her daughter's baby. (My kid's dolls only get scraps! LOL)

Emily showed off this colorful wall quilt (I love the colors, by the way!)

 Dede was busy. She showed us a stunning wall quilt she made for a quilting challenge, as well as 2 beautiful quilts.

Jane brought in a great Summery quilt.

Liz showed us her gigantic triangles quilt (which it turns out is perfect for fort building!)

Bryanna is working on this amazing English pieced project.

Last, but not least, Mr Holice Turnbow, brought in some pieces he will be using for a presentation on Modern Quilting.

Join us for our next meeting, May 19th at the Arlington library, where we have invited Mr Turnbow to speak with us. Until next time, happy quilting!!!