Friday, August 23, 2013

QFB: Quilts for the Watertown Police Department

On Thursday, Natalie and I had the privilege and pleasure of delivering the first of the Quilts for Boston to the Watertown Police Department.

Handing off the Quilts at Watertown PD
l-r: Detective Donohue, Captain Rocca, Natalie, and Sergeant Hoiseth

Members of the Watertown Police Department were the first responders to the events that occurred several days after the bombing, on the evening of Thursday, April 18 through Friday April 19, 2013. You can find a description of the events here

Their bravery, hard work, and effort over two difficult days-- together with the work of other local law enforcement and emergency personnel -- resulted in the apprehension of the second bombing suspect without further loss of life.  They are heroes to everyone in our Greater Boston community and nationwide, and it was an honor to be able to present them with a small, but heartfelt, token of our appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

Trunk full of quilts
Here's what 20 handmade quilts look like -- they filled Natalie's entire trunk! 

Natalie and Alice carefully photographed each of the donated quilts before they were loaded into Natalie's car. We're in the process of creating a photo collection in which every completed quilt will appear, so please be patient! We know everyone who contributed blocks is eager to see their block(s) appear in a quilt and we are working hard to make that happen.

At Police Headquarters, we were met by Captain Thomas F. Rocca, Detective Kathleen E. Donohue, and Sergeant Wayne C. Hoiseth, who graciously accepted the quilts on behalf of the Department (and just as graciously agreed to pose for a few photos).

Handing off the Quilts at Watertown PD

This quilt was claimed by Detective Donohue:

A Quilt is Chosen

And the rest were taken upstairs to be distributed to officers and their families.

Quilt Hand Off

More quilts are scheduled to be delivered in the coming weeks, as completed quilts come streaming in from our members and the other generous volunteers who have given their time to quilt and bind them. Delivering these quilts was a simply amazing experience. As Natalie said afterwards, "giving away quilts is the best part of quilting!" We wish we could have brought each and every one of you with us, but rest assured that you were there with us in spirit! Thank you again, from the bottoms of our hearts, to all who participated in this project.

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  1. This is so wonderful! Great job to everyone who contributed and all the hard work put into this effort from all over the world.