Saturday, May 20, 2017

Block Lottery - Random Stripes

This block is for the person that loves a good black and white and gray block. Because we're approaching the busy summer season, this block is super simple. It's simply a bunch of strips between 1" and 3" sewn together. It's not wonky... all of the pieces are straight.

I recommend cutting a number of gray, white and black strips around 10.5" long by 1-3" wide. Once you have a bunch of strips sewn, trim your block to 10" x 10". It's that simple! This is the perfect block to use as a leader and enter project.

The winner of this lottery will have a ton of options. They could sew all of the blocks together and randomly insert some color here or there. Or they could applique something to it for a fun look. And this quilt screams for some straight line quilting.

Quick Overview:
July - Random Stripes
Colors: Black, Whites and Grays
Size Requirements: 10" x 10"
Notes: For this block, make strips of fabric that are between 1" and 3" wide and sew them together in any random order.