Friday, July 15, 2016

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Options

At our June meeting we broke out into teams and sketched out some ideas for our QuiltCon charity quilt. The theme this year is scale and the color palette is below:

Take a look at the options below and vote on your favorite in the comments. The goal is to finalize the design soon so that we can begin planning the piecing process and begin actual construction in the next couple of months.

Option 1: Make a quilt using half square triangles of varying sizes. In this example, the whole quilt would look like a half square triangle because we would use one color on one half and another on the other half to create a HST look. So maybe the white, yellow, orange and pink on one half and the gray, teal and blues on another. 

The remaining options were designed using a fractal design, where we pick one design and make it bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller.

Option 2: We start with a large square (maybe there's a design in the square) and we add smaller versions of that square design on all four sides repeatedly. 

Option 3: This is similar to option 2, but instead of radiating out from the middle of the quilt, we start large in a corner and work our way to the opposite corner as we get smaller. 

Option 4: This version uses a curved shape that spirals in as the shape gets smaller. 

Option 4: This plus shape with bars on the end leverages one large shape with a number of smaller ones surrounding it. 

Option 6: In this plan, we identify either one shape and make blocks in various sizes (the orange circle would be the largest, the red triangle would be the smallest) or use different shapes and make each shape in a different size. (Confused? Just think of this as a way for many members to make one block and assemble this quilt in a grid like fashion without seeming too grid like.)

Let us know which option is your favorite to represent the BMQG in Savannah next February.