Saturday, March 24, 2012

BMQG 2012 Retreat

The 2012 retreat has come and gone and I thought I'd share some highlights of our trip with everyone.

First of all, on behalf of everyone, I want to say a big huge thank you to Alice and Aimee. Without you ladies, this retreat would not have happened. Everything was so perfect, so thank you once again. Now, lets begin our tale of Many Days of Quilting...

It all started on Friday, March 16th 2012. A few of us left early that morning so we could shop on our way. First stop: Portsmouth. This is just about the quaintest little spot I've ever seen!
Anywho, we stopped at a store called Portsmouth Fabric Company. This place is just jam-
packed with fabric and notions. It also has a clearance section in the basement. We then stopped by Knight's, which is pretty close to the Franciscan. Goodbye fabric diet!

Portsmouth Fabric Company


We arrived midday on the Friday, March 16th. The grounds are beautiful! Forested and by the water. Plus, we had the most fab room ever to work on our projects; huge space, tables galore, irons and endless coffee/tea. Thank you to everyone who brought snacks as well!

Of course, we were all so excited to be sewing uninterrupted all week-end we got straight to work!

This year, we didn't book a guest speaker. So Aimee was kind enough to give a us a tutorial on the Twister ruler.

Our week-end was also filled with fabulous prizes, all courtesy of Aimee and Alice. How awesome is THAT! Andrea won a Tula Pink book, Emily and Alexis won a Twister ruler each, and Rebecca won a Flea MArket Fancy package.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. We stitched our last stitches and packed up our things. Here's a sampler of what we got done (there will be a sideshow on the lefthand side soon with more pictures from the retreat.

Aimee's work-in-progress. Can't wait to see it done!

Rebecca's light blue quilt.

Karen's crazy crosses (don't these look awesome?)

Elise finished quilting this at the retreat, perfect circles with her machine. A quick word on how she did this. She used 1" foam to form perfect circles, and traced them, then quilted. How ingenious!!!! She should totally market this...

Liah's Christmas tree forest (complete with gnomes!)

Baby quilt made by Alice.

Brenda made a rooster quilt for her sister. Can you believe all of these roosters are hand appliqueed?!?

And congrats to Monica who made her first ever bag!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this retreat, and thanks to Alice and Aimee once again for organizing this. You all helped to make this retreat a fun and successful event.

BMQG 2012 Retreat, Franciscan Guesthouse, Kennebunk (Maine).