Saturday, June 17, 2017

Block Lottery - Washi Tape Block

We're starting to get a bit more complicated as we get to our September block. This one is inspired by Washi tape. The colors for this include a white background and a random rainbow of accent colors.

Start by cutting a 12.5" square and a number of strips 1.5" wide by about 12.5" long.
Cut between 5-7 or so small strips of colorful fabric 1.5" wide by between 2.5" - 5" long. Sew them to the top of the white strips you cut. Once sewn, randomly cut the white and sew the cut piece to the top of the color to create strips.

Randomly lay out your strips over your square until you like the layout. Start with pieces that appear to be in the back. In this block, I started with the red, moved to the brown, then the green, purple and navy.

Continue slicing and inserting your strips into your block.

Once your block has been pieced, trim your block to 12.5" square. This will create a fun, colorful quilt that could be arranged in a grid or the blocks could be cut up even further to create a real random effect. A continuous circle could be a fun way to quilt this one.

Quick Overview:
September - Washi Tape Improv Block 
Colors: White/cream background and a rainbow of colors for the washi tape
Size Requirements: 12.5" block
Notes: It's recommended that your washi tape strips are no more than 2" wide before sewing and no longer than 5" before sewing to give the quilt a true washi tape feel. If strips are too wide or too long, they will stand out too much.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Karin Jordan Trunk Show - June's Meeting

We're so excited to have Karin Jordan join us for a trunk show this June. For those that aren't familiar with Karin, she's know for her beautiful quilts, hand quilting and applique and textile designs. Definitely take time to check out her website when you have a chance. You've probably seen her work in some of your favorite quilt magazines or at QuiltCon.

Hills and Crosses is one of my favorite quilts of Karin's. I love the colors she used and I hope she brings a few of her prints of the same pattern. Isn't this just beautiful?

And have you been following Karin on Instagram (@KarinJordanStudio)? If not, hop on over and check out all of her 100 days projects. Karin has committed to create for 100 days straight. How cool is that? And a lot of what she has created is just amazing.

I'm so excited and hope you will join us as well.

The trunk show is free to members and just $5 to non-members (cash only). It will be in our regular meeting place at Fabric Place Basement on June 17th from 1-3pm. We hope to see you there!