Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Meeting

Yesterday was probably one of our most relaxed, un-programmed meetings. We had a sew-in at a church in Billerica and we actually sewed! Usually most NEMQG meetings include presentations/classes of some sort - but this time we just brought some food and our current projects and got to work. We were very proud of ourselves that we actually sewed (most sew-in's are filled with chatter, eating, and giggling to be honest). A bunch of us took advantage of the large open space to baste or layout quilts:

We were thrilled to see Jill's gorgeous completed quilt top from our NEMQG bee:

I wish I had taken a picture of all of the food - thanks ladies for a yummy meal and a fun afternoon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Meeting Recap

Saturday was our January meeting.  We had Sew Fresh Fabrics come and give us a trunk show and talk about working in the quilting industry.
It was fun learning about the ins and outs of the industry that we all love.  I think everyone else enjoyed hearing about it as well.  We had our largest crowd yet!  It was fantastic seeing so many new faces.
Once we were done hearing all about the quilting industry we began raiding the table of fabulous fabric!  We were like vultures.
All of their pretty little piles were no more after we go through with them.  (These pics are after the crowd had died down.)

After we all had fun buying some goodies we did a show and tell.  Here are some pictures of some of the great items people brought.

At this point my camera's battery decided to die.  Amy managed to grab some photos of the rest and she'll share them with you soon. 

I did manage to get a photo of Laurie's Bee Blocks!  Aren't the absolutely fantastic!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Meeting Part 2

After hearing about their experience selling fabric online via etsy, we indulged in every quilters' favorite activity - shopping! A trunk show courtesy of Sew Fresh Fabrics.

Show and Tell, as usual, did not disappoint. A gorgeous quilt by Emily:

A doll quilt, hand pieced by Audrey. She used reproduction fabrics to make this for her '30's American Girl Doll, Kit.

And a reversible bag she made in a sewing class featuring a star shaped pocket.

A quilt just off the long arm, made and quilted by Alice:

And the equally lovely back:

A great use of the scrap fabric Pippa provided at the December meeting. Dede challenged herself to combine warm and cool colored blocks into the same quilt.

And another quilt of Dede's that is growing by adding additional borders:

And a quilt made by one of our newest members, for her son who's going through a "goth" phase!

And a gorgeous art quilt.
What a great meeting! See everyone in February!