Friday, August 2, 2013


Are you ready for the Weekender?  This month we'll be hosting an Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag sew-along.  A group of us from the BMQG registered to go to the MQG Sew Down in September.  Once we got our tickets and finalized our travel arrangements the next big question was what bag are we going to make??? We've all been meaning to make the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag so this seems like the perfect time.  Of course to get it done in time we were going to have to hold each other accountable and every time I mentioned our plan to someone else they wanted to do it also until the idea for a sew-along was born.  As Aimee says, "This way we'll have somebody to talk us down from the ledge!"  Obviously she's been on the receiving end of my late night sewing mishap meltdowns;-)

Monday we'll officially kick things off.  You have the weekend to finish gathering your supplies.  There are two basic versions of this pattern, the original and the quilted version à la the adorable Elizabeth Hartman (who incidentally will be teaching Perfect Quilted Totes at the Sew Down).  You will need:
  • The pattern, Weekender Travel Bag by Amy Butler.
  • Fabric(s) and interfacing according to the pattern.  If you are doing the patchwork version you won't need the interfacing, Peltex stabilizer or lining fabric.
  • 5 yds. of 6/32" cotton cording.  Note, this is the same as 3/16" cording (3rd grade math, equivalent fractions).  I am using Nancy Zieman's Wrap 'n Fuse Piping 3/16".
  • A zipper.  Read the various blogs for opinions on what style is best.  We won't need this for a few weeks so you have some time to decide.
  • Coordinating Thread.
  • It is recommended that you use heavyweight jeans/denim or size 16 sewing machine needles for sewing through all the layers.
  • Many people also recommend the use of a piping foot to make attaching all the cording easier.
  • Also suggested, Wonder Clips for holding all your pieces together while sewing.
For  local peeps, Quilter's Way will be stocking everything you need to make this.  Also the fabulous Jane has already made this bag so she's an excellent resource if you run in to trouble:-)  Does it make you nervous that Amy lists a seam ripper in the tools needed section?

The goal is to wrap this up August 31st which gives you just enough wiggle room to put the finishing touches on your bag and actually pack it before you leave for Philly.  Each week we'll have guest posts by BMQG members to help you along.  Ready for some fun?  If you have always wanted to make this bag or have nothing better to do this summer then you are welcome to join us too.  Just call us Weekender Support Central!   


  1. I think I'm going to do this. I wonder if I still have the pattern I bought 6 years ago :). I'm at a loss picking fabric though.

  2. I'm in. I got the pattern a few months ago at Gather Here and have been waiting for an to just finish LQF, then find the right fabrics

  3. Quilter's Way has this down to a science - went today and they gathered up all the stuff I would need while I looked for fabric.