Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 17 BMQG Member Showcase at Robbins Library

Just a quick reminder to everyone concerning our November 17th meeting at the Robbins library in Arlington:  we will be meeting in the basement community room from 1-3 and having a "Member Showcase," i.e. massive show and tell.  All members are welcome to bring items from home that will tell more about their quilting journey- this can be anything from the first quilt you made, a stack of favorite fabrics you are too afraid to cut into, or your latest WIP.  A special thanks in advance to those members (many of them very new to the guild!) who offered to participate - I know I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

Things to bring:

  • Your pincushion for the inter-guild swap (make sure you follow the directions found in this post.)
  • Nametag (if you've made one).
  • Member showcase items.
  • Regular show and tell items.  Everyone can participate and entries are now welcome for the "Precious/WIP" guild challenge. 
See you there. 

P.S.  Call me an enabler, but as an FYI for the newer members - there is a fabric shop right near the libary that carries modern fabrics called "Fabric Corner." You may want to plan on checking it out.


  1. GAH. I have grandparents in town, but I desperately (and shamelessly) want to show off my Google quilt. We'll see if I can sneak away...

  2. Yes, you're an enabler. I've told myself that I won't buy any fabric until after Christmas though since I have my birthday and Christmas coming up. We'll see if I can resist, especially with Simply Color coming into stores.