Saturday, March 18, 2017

Block Lottery - Improv HSTs

For our May meeting, we're making some improv Half Square Triangles (HST's) into a block with nine sewn together. We'll use a variety of white/cream squares for the background and earth tones for the HST's.

Start by cutting nine 3.5" squares in a variety of whites/creams.

Cut a variety of strips about 3"x5" for your HST's. Lay them at an angle of your block. All of the HST's will be placed on the bottom right portion of the block, so plan accordingly. You want the piece of fabric covering what will be the cream/white part of the block. Where the HST will eventually lay is what will be a visible cream/white triangle.

Sew your pieces with a 1/4" seam allowance, iron open and trim your block.

Trim your block to 3.5" square, using the cream/white background as a reference. You can remove the cream/white from behind the earth tone fabric to reduce bulk now.

 Sew the blocks together into a 3x3 grid with the HST in the bottom right corner. Your block will finish at 9.5" square.

Quick Overview:
May - Wonky Half Square Triangles
Colors: White and cream background with earth tones for the HST
Size Requirements: 9.5" block
Notes: Make your HST's 3.5" before sewing them together and assemble them into a 3x3" grid with all of the white/cream in the upper left corner of the sewn block and the earth tone colors on the bottom right. To make your HST's, cut 3.5" squares of your white/cream background fabric and use scraps of your colors to sew your HST's, using the white/cream fabric as your trimming guide

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