Saturday, February 18, 2017

Square Within A Square - Block Lottery

As we approach retreat, we're jumping right into our second block lottery block, a square within a square block. Note that these blocks will be swapped at retreat, which serves as our March meeting.

The colors for these blocks are grays, white and jewel tones. For this block, alternate between a jewel tone and a white or gray fabric.

For this block, start with a square and add a strip of your next fabric all the way around. The strip should be the same width all the way around. We're not looking for wonky. The improv portion comes from varying the size of the square rounds each time and random color placement. You can either start with a jewel tone or a white/gray square. I recommend that each round be between 1" and 2.5" or so in order to get a somewhat cohesive look, yet still a little random.

Keep on adding as you go until you get a block that's 10.5" square.

Quick Overview:
March - Square within a Square (NOTE: Swap will take place at retreat, so please only make if attending retreat)
Colors: Gray/White background with Jewel Tones
Size Requirements: 10.5" block
Notes: Alternate between your gray/white background and jewel tone colors. Make your squares various sizes for a fun effect.

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