Wednesday, December 28, 2016

First Lottery Block for 2017

Since a few of you may have some time off during the holiday week, I wanted to share the first block in the block lottery for everyone. If you want a preview of all of the blocks, check them out here. The first block is a simple improv plus block. The theme this year is improv, and we're going to start working our improv muscles and mind with this simple block.

For these blocks, use a variety of gray solids for the background and some cool colors for the plusses. The finished size of these blocks should range from 6" - 10".
Here's how to make these blocks:

To start, cut a gray square between 6" and 10".
Cut that square in half, at a slight angle, vertically and horizontally as shown above. Don't go too close to the edge though, as you may lose the plus sign as you trim.

Cut a few strips of a cool color, slightly longer than the pieces you cut. See above for a reference. Sew the two smaller sides together first, lining up the inside pieces. Don't worry if you outside edges don't line up. We'll trim the block down later.
Once sewn, trim the inside of the blocks to create a straight line and sew the long line of the plus block. Carefully line up the smaller plus pieces by eye to make sure they appear to create a visually appealing plus.
Trim your block down to size and you're good to go. This block goes quick, so I hope to see a bunch of these blocks at our February meeting, when we'll have our first lottery.

Quick overview:
Colors: Gray background (any color gray) and cool solids for the plus sign (see below for examples of cool colors)
Size Requirements: Anywhere between 6.5" square and 10.5" square.
Notes: Please make sure the ends of your plus signs are at least an inch away from the corners of the block. While you can make your plus signs any width you'd like, making them between 1.5" and 3.5" is ideal. Variety will actually be key here for a more random quilt.

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