Thursday, June 25, 2015

QAYG for Project Linus

Members - be sure to check your email and our charity page for details about our next charity effort, Quilt as You Go blocks for Project Linus!

(... and stay tuned for details about our July 18 meeting, which will be a casual picnic and hand-sewing get-together at a beautiful park in Boston....)


  1. Hi, I left a comment on your "April Meeting Recap" post and have yet to receive an answer to my query. Is there a pattern available for the "boids" quilt? A simple yes (link please) or no would suffice.

  2. The creator of that quilt has a blog at Creative Thing a Day, which you can link to through the member blogroll on this page and maybe get in touch with her directly. I know that her pattern was available through the national MQG at one point, but I don't know about other ways that it might be obtained. (I'm not replying here in any official capacity - just saw your comment and wanted to help.)

    1. Thanks so much I will try contacting her.