Friday, February 13, 2015

February Block of the Month: Be Mine

Hi I'm Alice from alidiza.  I was one of the founding members of the guild and am best known for my love of pink,  Ghastlies obsession, and invisible join binding technique (and also for stage directing show and tell:-).  When the BMQG announced they were looking for volunteers for their BOM I immediately knew I wanted February.  This block was inspired by my Hugs & Kisses table runner.  The awesome thing about this block is that it is made entirely of a single component so while it seems like it has a lot of pieces it goes together quickly and is perfect for chain piecing.

Makes one 8 1/2" block (8" finished)
Seam allowance 1/4"

Cut the following:
8, 2 1/2" squares Red
8, 2 1/2" squares Navy
32, 1 1/2" squares White

Align a white square in the corner of a red square and sew across the diagonal.

With bigger squares I would usually draw a diagonal stitching line on the white squares.  Since these are so small I simply placed a strip of washi tape on my machine aligning the edge of the tape with the needle.  Stitch across the square starting at one corner and keeping the opposite corner along the edge of the tape.  Repeat for the remaining red squares and navy squares.

Place a white square in the opposite corner of the red square and sew along the diagonal.  Repeat for all remaining red and navy squares.

Trim 1/4" from each sewn seam.

Press your seam allowances in the same direction so they nest when sewing the blocks together.

Arrange your blocks into Xs and Os.  Sew the letters together and then sew the four letters together in to a single block.

You can check out how I turned my test version of this block into a Valentine's Day pillow on my blog.  Happy quilting!

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