Friday, April 18, 2014

Quilts for Boston at the Boston Marathon

It's hard to believe almost a year has passed since we started the Quilts for Boston project!  This week we delivered 30 quilts to the Boston Athletic Association to be displayed at the Boston Marathon.

These quilts will be hung in the medical tents and become part of the Legacy of the Marathon.  They will continue to be hung annually and we hope provide love and hope to all those who run and visit for years to come.  Please share any photos you get of them hanging in our Flickr group.

1. BAA1, 2. BAA3, 3. BAA8, 4. BAA25, 5. BAA27, 6. BAA16, 7. BAA29, 8. BAA14, 9. BAA7, 10. BAA30, 11. BAA15, 12. BAA24, 13. BAA28, 14. BAA2, 15. BAA19, 16. BAA23, 17. BAA10, 18. BAA17, 19. BAA9, 20. BAA12, 21. BAA6, 22. BAA11, 23. BAA20, 24. BAA4, 25. BAA22, 26. BAA5, 27. BAA13, 28. BAA21, 29. BAA18, 30. BAA26

Best of luck to all the runners and thank you to all those who turn out to cheer them along.  We are Boston Strong!


  1. aarrg.., I won't be in Boston until early (like 12:45 am) Wed the 23rd. Wish I could have seen these up close. They are so beautiful!

    1. Gather Here in Cambridge is also displaying a few of the quilts. Run over there and you can check them out;-)

  2. I am so,so impressed with this work and humbled by the accident that one of my blocks is included in one of these thirty quilts. I guess I am going to have to get into running shape so I can get inside the medical tent and take pictures of these quilts!!

  3. Thank you, Boston Modern Quilt Guild and all the quilters who put together the donated blocks! You make me proud!

  4. I was in the finish line tent this past Monday, and the quilts were amazing! So many volunteers comments on how they made the blank white walls of the tent, turn into warm homey walls. Thank you so much. We needed it.