Friday, April 25, 2014

May Meeting: Quilts for Boston Sew-in at Gather Here

Join us Saturday, May17th from 1-5 for our final Quilts for Boston event.  The awesome folks at gather here will be hosting one last sew-in to turn the last of the blocks we received from around the world in to quilts.  We will start the meeting with our Sewing Room Swap and then devote the rest of the time to wrapping up Quilts for Boston.  We have a number of blocks left.  Some of these are "challenge" blocks that don't quite match our specifications but many are simply leftover blocks that didn't get used when people were assembling tops.  I feel we have a responsibility to use all of the blocks that were donated to us.  These quilters deserve to be part of our effort.  We will try to have everything as organized and ready to go as possible.  Sewing machines and supplies will be provided.  Come ready to sew, our goal is to finish it all!!!

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