Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Quilt for James

We started Quilts for Boston last April as a way to show our love and support for those affected by the Boston bombings.  While all our hearts go out to those who were hurt, one of our members has a very personal connection to one of the injured children.   7 year old James is the son of her childhood friend Anita.  As they have done many times before, Anita and her sons were cheering on the runners at the Boston Marathon finish line that day.  When the bombs exploded they were right in between them.  James was injured by  a piece of shrapnel that went through his shin.  The family was brought to the medical tents before leaving for Children's Hospital where James received stitches.

We chose a special quilt to give this young boy with Batman fabric and birds hidden among the squares.  The quilt was gladly received.  Anita was very grateful for all of the people who contributed to it, and the boys were amazed by the number of people involved in the Quilts for Boston project. We hope the quilt keeps them cozy and warm for many years to come.  


  1. I hope James and his family enjoy their quilt! I am sure he and his brother are both brave young men.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm