Monday, July 8, 2013

Still Going (Boston) Strong!

With over 2000 blocks from around the world we've got our work cut out for us:-)  Last week we had two Quilts for Boston sew-ins to keep things moving along.  On Wednesday night the fabulous folks at Quilter's Way hosted us once again for a fun evening of sewing.  We're assembling the last few packets of blocks into quilt tops.

And the awesome Val keeps cranking them out on the longarm.... each one is different and she always finds the perfect quilting design to really accentuate the design!

Sunday we got to hang out with Virginia at the incredibly cool (even when it's hot) Gather Here Annex.

We had so much help I ran out of things for people to do...  more tops assembled, backs made, bindings attached.  It's amazing to see these quilts coming together!!!

Our labels have arrived from Spoonflower and 16 quilts have been completed.  This Sunday we'll be meeting up on Boston Common for an afternoon of hand sewing and we'll finally be ready to start delivering these amazing quilts.  If you're in the area stop by and join us!!!

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