Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LQF Mini Quilt Challenge - Cast Your Vote

As most of you know by now, we will be participating in the Lowell Quilt Festival (LQF) again this August. Last year was our first year, and I think we can all agree that it was an amazing success.

Part of our show included a mini quilt challenge. Members were challenged with creating a mini quilt, no more than 24" on any side in the colors of QuiltCon.

This year we will hold another mini quilt challenge with similar guidelines. The only difference - our members will be able to vote on the color palette this time around. Below are four different color palettes for you to pick between.

We'll lay out all of the specific guidelines when we announce the wining palette, but the guidelines will be similar to last year. Members must use at least three colors from the winning palette to make a mini quilt measuring no more than 24" square. Fabrics can be prints or solids.

OPTION 1: Red Nails

OPTION 2: Cottage Colors

OPTION 3: Silk Brights

OPTION 4: Bright Pears

Cast your vote by commenting below on your favorite. We'll close the vote next Tuesday and will announce the color palette for the challenge next Wednesday.


  1. I vote Bright Pears (though they're all great)

  2. Red nails! Let's make some glam rock minis! ;)

  3. I love the Red nails too!
    When I saw those Indian silk saree was tempted to pick that.

    But still going with Red nails!

  4. Red Nails, it's the most different from last year's challenge.

  5. I like Bright Pears though all would be fun to work with :)

  6. Pears.
    Question: Are you using a specific fabric? If so where are you ordering from?

    1. Hey Betsy, we aren't going to require any specific fabric. You could use prints or solids in your finished mini quilt, as long as they're the colors of the winning color palette.

  7. I like Silk Brights! I haven't made anything with those colors!

  8. Love the colors in Bright Pears!