Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quilts for Boston Sew-in at Quilter's Way

A huge thank you to Quilter's Way for hosting our Quilts for Boston sew-in last night.  We had an amazingly productive night!  Several more tops were assembled...

and many more are in progress.

The fabulous Val manned the longarm and got 2 of our quilts quilted...

While the totally awesome Natalie logged the days delivery.  To date we have received an astounding 1,267 blocks from 40 states, Canada, Germany, Spain, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  Thank you again to everyone who has participated.  There's still time to mail your blocks, the deadline for mailing is Friday, May 24th.  Stay tuned here and in our flickr group to see these amazing quilts come together.

Quilts for Boston


  1. Wow! those are some beautiful quilts. I will join for the next sew-in.

    Wow! that's amazing! 1,267 blocks!

  2. I've got a smile on my face a mile wide! Thanks for sharing these pictures!!!

  3. these look so good! I spot some of the blocks I sent in which is really fun!
    ya'll are doing a fantastic job choosing blocks to put together and thanks for coordinating it all.

  4. Congratulations! I really wish i could be there!

  5. Beautiful and how wonderful so many blocks sent!