Monday, March 18, 2013

Retreat Recap

I think everyone who attended this weekend would agree, our 2013 retreat was an unbelievable experience!!! 

The Franciscan Guest House provided us with a wonderful workspace with plenty of ironing boards, cutting stations and design walls. 

And our sewing stations were awesome with power strips, task lighting and plenty of room to spread out and get things done.

I have never been surrounded by so much creative energy.  This is an absolutely awesome group of talented AND productive women.  I wish I'd gotten a final count on how many projects were completed but several people were able to complete not just one but multiple projects.  I also forgot to get a group photo:-(

A huge thank you to the amazing Aimee Raymond for putting together yet another fabulous retreat!!!  Again, I failed to get a picture of Aimee but here's all the cool loot she amassed for doorprizes:-)


  1. It truly was an amazing weekend. A HUGE thank you to Aimee and Alice for organizing a great event.

  2. I agree, huge thanks for organizing. I had a wonderful time and I'm hoping to keep the momentum going. It was great getting to know everyone. Being pretty new I was worried about not knowing many people, but everyone was so friendly and helpful.

    Hoping to have a fully bound quilt or two to show at the next meeting!

  3. Looks you gals had lot of fun! Good!