Saturday, February 2, 2013

We Need You...

The BMQG has been invited to participate in the Lowell Quilt Festival again this year.  This was a wonderful opportunity for us to display our work and share in the quilting community.  This year the show will be held August 8, 9, 10.  We'd love to do it again but we can't do it without you...

First and foremost, we are looking for a Show Chair.  This will be an easier job than last year because we have already established many of these relationships and can build on what we learned last year.  Responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating with the LQF planning committee.  The committee holds monthly meetings.  We are not required to attend but do need to keep up with what is happening via email and respond to action items in a timely manner.
  • Working directly with the Appleton Mills venue to host our show.
  • Contract with our pole vendor to order the hanging system.
  • Oversee scheduling of setup, take down and show staffing.
We also need to know if we will have enough volunteers to make this a worthwhile endeavor.  As they say, many hands make light work.  We will be looking for volunteers to staff the show, organize a guild challenge, prepare printed materials etc...  You don't need to make a firm commitment but please let us know if you are interested in participating.  Please respond via email to as soon as possible so we can make a decision and let the LQF know if we will be participating again this year.

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