Monday, February 4, 2013

Member Made

Paintbox Front 2-4-12
32 Color Paintbox
Being new to quilting does not mean you can't make beautiful quilts.  Sure there are more advanced skills you can master but with even the most basic skills incredible things can happen.  Proof positive, the amazing quilts by Stephanie of Simple Sewendipity.

My first quilt
Stephanie had been sewing for awhile but never really considered quilting until she stumbled upon some beautiful handmade quilts in a funky boutique.  Suddenly she realized quilts could be anything you wanted them to be.  Armed with Start Quilting by Alex Anderson she made her first quilt, this lovely Friendship Star.

QuiltCon Mini
Stephanie really hit her stride when she discovered the quilting blog-world and joined the BMQG.  Since then she's been challenging herself with different piecing techniques and trying to master FMQ.

Swanson Mini Front 9-4-12
In addition to her obvious love of color Stephanie's quilts always show her sense of humor and love of pop culture.  She made this fabulous Ron Swanson Mini as an anniversary gift for her husband... complete with eggs and bacon on the back.

Baby Pig Pincushion - Angry Birds
Stephanie's Baby Pig certainly earned my vote for most creative pin cushion for the Modern Quilt Guild Swap hosted by KCMQG.

Circle Peeps 1 12-14-12
Circle Peeps
Stephanie is kicking off the year with lots of exciting new projects.  I can't wait to see where her creativity leads her to next!!!

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