Monday, January 7, 2013

Member of the Month: Emily Blatt

Meet Emily Blatt, one of the very first members of the BMQG.  

Emily's First Quilt, Marquee

How did you get into quilting? :  My friend Joan taught me a few years ago.  I first learned how to sew in home ec class in 7th grade, and I made clothing through high school, but then I dropped sewing until I learned how to quilt.  I became hooked on quilting pretty much the minute I walked into the Cambridge Quilt Shop to pick out fabric for my first quilt.  I can’t believe I had forgotten how much I love playing with fabric!

Eli's Graduation Quilt
Since then Emily has completed more than 20 quilts many of which she gives away to friends and family.

Favorite color:  Burnt orange makes me happy, as do other shades of orange.  I also like red and pink and brown – I gravitate towards the warm colors. 

New Machine Celebration
What machine do you use:  I have a Janome 6600 – it’s wonderful.  Most of my pre-6600 sewing life was spent on tired old Singers, and it was a revelation how much more enjoyable it is to sew on a machine that works.  So far I have only quilted on my home machine, but I took the long arm class at Laurena’s this summer and I hope to try that again soon.  

Prints or Solids:  Prints.  But I love shot-cottons and semi-solids too.

Why you love to quilt:  Because it’s so much fun!   There’s so much of it that I love – playing with color, working with beautiful materials, learning new skills,….and I love my rotary cutter, which is surprising, since when I started quilting I was afraid I would lose a limb to that thing. 

I have always loved textiles and surface design – fabric, rugs, tiles – any kind of almost-flat, functional art.  

In addition to quilting, Emily knits almost every day and can often be seen wearing her own handmade sweaters.  It is always a treat to see her latest creative endeavor!!!


  1. Awesome know more about you Emily! Love all your quilts!

  2. Emily is a very talented quilter and a fine person as well. Her quilts are among the best - always outstanding!

  3. Emily's quilts are gorgeous!!! And she's quite the knitter too :)

  4. Wonderful projects - very original and appealing. Glad I stopped by!

  5. Beautiful quilts! New Machine Celebration is my favorite!

  6. Emily, your quilts are so creative. Gorgeous!