Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mini Quilt Challenge - QuiltCon Inspired

As part of our special exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Festival, we decided to host a little mini quilt challenge. Here were the guidelines:
We had seven quilts entered into the contest - seven amazing quilts. We had visitors vote on their favorite quilt.  No prizes were being given to the winners, it we purely a way to get people talking about the quilts, modern quilting and interacting with the show.
Seriously, check out these quilts!  Here's a closer look at all of the quilts.

This is Karen's entry into the contest.
This is my (Jen) entry into the contest. 
This was Stephanie's entry into the challenge.
Alice made this quilt.
Janis made this mini quilt for the show.
Nancy submitted this quilt to the challenge.
And last, but certainly not least was Rebecca's entry.

After careful calculation of the votes, the winners of the challenge were:
1st Place - Jen
2nd Place - Alice
Honorable Mention - Karen

Thank you to everyone who participate and a special thank you to everyone who attended and voted.  We heard so many people talking about the quilts, the challenge and modern quilting.  We certainly achieved our objective with these quilts and our show. 


  1. Congratulations to the Jen,Alice and Karen.
    And all the participants. Great quilts!

  2. I hope you will return next year and become a regular part of the Lowell Quilt Festival. More quilts to see is only good!