Monday, August 13, 2012

Got Quilts?

The Lowell Quilt Festival has come and gone. What an exciting weekend it has been! For the very first time, BMQG had our very own exhibit happening right in the heart of the festival. What a great opportunity and honor this has been for our guild! A lot of time and effort was put into this event, and there are many people to thank for making this happen. First and foremost, thank you Alexis for coordinating everything. Everything went smoothly and it's all thanks to you! A big thank you to Aimee as well, without whom we wouldn't have had poles to set up our quilts! And thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to oversee the exhibit, bake goodies for the reception, and help with setup and breakdown. We have fantastic people in our guild, and the fact that we were able to pull off such a great event is proof of it. One last thanks goes out to everyone out there who came to check out our exhibit. We hope you enjoyed it!

For those of you who weren't able to make it, I have a few pictures of the festival itself, and a slideshow of each and every quilt that was in the BMQG exhibit.

My first stop was the New England Quilt Museum, in Lowell. What a fun place!

Next stop: the auditorium, where the main show, IMAGES, was held. (Also the location of the vendors!)

There were some AMAZING quilts there!!! I am so happy I got see them.

FINALLY, last stop (and most important and dear to me), our very own exhibit, Boston Modern Quilt Guild at Appleton Mills:

 Rebecca, our treasurer, made this badass sign. Isn't it amazerful?!?!?

This was an incredible space for us to have! We had over 50 quilts to show, and they fit perfectly in the space without being too crowded or looking too sparse. The best part of this experience was getting to chat with quilters and people who were genuinely interested in our work. I feel like our exhibit was a perfect demonstration of what modern quilting is.

We also held a reception on Friday night, which attracted quite a lot of people. This was such a great opportunity for us, a chance to show quilters what modern quilting is, and a chance for our members to show off their hard work. Congrats everyone, mission accomplished!


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