Monday, September 19, 2011

Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge

The Boston Modern Quilt Guild participated in the Free Spirit Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge.  We were all given fabric back in July and were asked to create something using the fabric provided.  It could be whatever we wanted with no size restrictions, the only caveat- we could only add solid fabrics..  The world fabric was our oyster.  On Saturday we go together to unveil what everyone had created.  Boy, were there some great quilts and other items.
This was my quilt.  You can read more about it here

Alice goes ghetto!

Laurie made this cool stuffed animal. 
Rachel's interpretation of the paint splatter fabric.
 Rebecca's awesome bag (which rotated sideways on me and won't rotate back... just tilt your head)

And the winning quilt!

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  1. Thanks for posting pics, Jen!!
    (The winning quilt was Lia's, for all those reading this and wondering whose beauty that is!) :)