Monday, August 22, 2011

Monet's quilt, part 2

The day before Monet left for Michigan, Laurie, Alice and I met her at the World Quilt Festival in Manchester. At the end of the day, we presented her with her quilt.

She was touched.

A few detail shots. I finished the binding really late the night before, so I didn't have time to take any photographs. Here's what Laurie and Alice were able to capture!

Here's the back, which include signature blocks made by each person who contributed to the quilt.

The completed quilt measures 65" x 90". I especially love the border. In the end, I think the scrappy randomness really works, especially in the context of a quilt made by the different people and personalities in our guild. I think it's a really nice token for Monet to have to remind her of us! Thank you to all who contributed to this effort!


  1. Beautiful. Cheers to those who took the time and money to finish the quilt. Monet looks moved by the present and I in turn am moved by those who compiled and completed it as I am in having the opportunity to contribute a square. I know Aimee did a lot of the work and I am guessing that Laurie did as well. Thank you.

  2. Wow, that's fabulous. I love it. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. I'm so impressed with you all.

  3. Oh, that came out beautifully. You guys did such an awesome job! It is fantastic! And it's wonderful to see how touched Monet was by it. :)