Sunday, June 26, 2011

latest meeting

Someone out there has some high-stakes photos from our last meeting, when many of us shared our first quilts! I don't remember who was responsible for photographing the other day, but I don't think we'll be sharing those photos online. :)

We spent some time talking about officer changeover, as the Magnificent Monet (and yes, that is her official name) will be leaving for law school soon -- hurrah for her! Boo hoo for us. She's done a wonderful job of founding our Boston guild, and carrying us through the first year and a half of becoming the group we are today. Thank you, Monet! We will miss you, but know we'll see you when you return for breaks (??) and online. The Great and Prolific Laurie will be taking charge as President, which is great news for the guild. I'll be the humble Vice-President (ready to serve!), Rebecca stays on as Mighty Talented Treasurer, and we will soon be announcing our new Stellar Secretary.

Laurie taught a great tutorial on Super Circles, which you can also find on her blog, if you'd like some notes on what she ran through on Saturday:  She also taught us how to make flowers of hexagons, a skill I've been wanting to learn for those train rides/meetings/etc. for which it would be nice to have some hand-sewing.

We hope to gather for some shows this summer -- check the BigTent calendar for those dates and carpooling chats! We'll be sewing-in at Alice's in July, and at Caro's in August.

Oh, and we were all given some lovely member folders, with new member cards that we can flash at fabric shops and shows. :)

(Laurie, can we talk about the other item of business at the meeting, or is that Top Secret until a later date?)


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