Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Meeting

I wish I had taken more pictures at the October meeting. Lisa kindly taught us all about hand quilting and we all practiced as we talked. I was thrilled that everyone in attendance brought show-and-tell. I am so glad everyone seems to be comfortable sharing their work with each other. I am also impressed with how diverse our sewing is - members shared everything from art/landscape quilting to some impressive Sashiko adorned linen napkins. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon:

Pippa shared her quilt made of Kona Cotton solids: Lisa shared the quilt she made for her daughter as she transferred into her "big girl" bed:
Monet showed her gorgeous improvisational baby quilt:

Aimee shared her zig-zag quilt to be featured in her other guild's quilt show next weekend:

Rachel shared a series of artistic quilts she has been working on:

It was a great meeting - thanks ladies!


  1. Glad to hear it was a great meeting. I was planning on going Saturday morning when I got a phone call that my parents were rear ended on the highway. Everyone was fine, but I had to go to the hospital to pick them up since their car wasn't really drivable.

  2. Everybody has something to contribute to this cool is that? Thanks for the photos, Laurie!

  3. I posted photos of the September blocks for our bee both on big tent and in our flickr group. I think there are just 2 more blocks to come :)