Block Lottery

This year we will be launching a block lottery. The theme for all of these blocks is IMPROV! We ask that all blocks be made with quilt store-quality SOLID fabrics. This could be any brand (Kona, Cotton Couture, Bella, etc.), but should be of quilt store quality. Why? For continuity and quality purposes. Because one person will receive all of the blocks each month, we want to make sure the blocks will go together into a quilt without much headache.

What is a block lottery? 
A block lottery is when we assign one type of block each month with a color palette. Members make blocks if they want and bring them to the designated meeting. For every block members bring, they receive one entry into the lottery. If you bring one block, you have one entry. If you bring four blocks, you have four entries. We will draw a name from all of the entries and that lucky winner will take home all of the blocks to make a quilt with all of their winnings. If we have an abundance of blocks, we may make a decision to split the blocks into two piles and draw two winners.

February - Improv Plus Block
Colors: Gray background (any color gray) and cool solids for the plus sign (see below for examples of cool colors)
Size Requirements: Anywhere between 6.5" square and 10.5" square.
Notes: Please make sure the ends of your plus signs are at least an inch away from the corners of the block. While you can make your plus signs any width you'd like, making them between 1.5" and 3.5" is ideal. Variety will actually be key here for a more random quilt.

March - Square within a Square (NOTE: Swap will take place at retreat, so please only make if attending retreat)
Colors: Gray/White background with Jewel Tones
Size Requirements: 10.5" block
Notes: Alternate between your gray/white background and jewel tone colors. Make your squares various sizes for a fun effect.

May - Wonky Half Square Triangles
Colors: White and cream background with earth tones for the HST
Size Requirements: 9.5" block
Notes: Make your HST's 3.5" before sewing them together and assemble them into a 3x3" grid with all of the white/cream in the upper left corner of the sewn block and the earth tone colors on the bottom right. To make your HST's, cut 3.5" squares of your white/cream background fabric and use scraps of your colors to sew your HST's, using the white/cream fabric as your trimming guide. (see below)

July - Random Stripes
Colors: Black, Whites and Grays
Size Requirements: 10" x 10"
Notes: For this block, make strips of fabric that are between 1.5" and 3" wide and sew them together in any random order.

September - Washi Tape Improv Block 
Colors: White/cream background and a rainbow of colors for the washi tape
Size Requirements: 12.5" block
Notes: It's recommended that your washi tape strips are no more than 2" wide before sewing and no longer than 5" before sewing to give the quilt a true washi tape feel. If strips are too wide or too long, they will stand out too much.

November - Wonky/Improv Log Cabin
Colors: Creams for one side and warms for the other
Size Requirements: 10.5" block
Notes: Start with either a cream or a warm square and build out your log cabin using random width strips with creams on one size of the diagonal and warms on the other side (see picture below for an example).

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