Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monet's Quilt, part 1

As we all know, the president and founder of our guild, the lovely and talented Monet, is moving away from Boston. She has put in many hours of time and effort into building the guild up from scratch, and I really wanted to honor that by putting together a quilt made by the guild members. The guild and its members are very important to me and I wanted her to have a small piece of us to take with her to her new home.

So I asked everyone who had the time to create a scrappy 9 patch block, and also a block with their signature to be included on the back. I chose the scrappy 9 patch pattern from Crazy Mom Quilts because we only had a few weeks to put something together, and I thought that everyone's scraps would end up looking like a cohesive quilt. I photographed each package that arrived. Sorry, I only have links to a few of your blogs!

This one was sent by Pippa:

This is from Emily:

From Mauritza:

Joan's blocks (posing inexplicably with my daughter's stuffed animals):

Laurie's contribution:

Alice used up some of her many repros:

Meaghan's blocks:


Shelley's blocks:

Dede's contribution:

And Rebecca's blocks:

I will post pictures of the completed quilt soon! Thanks to everyone who contributed blocks. Your hard work was very much appreciated!
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